“The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence. leave nothing for to-morrow which can be done to-day."
Judicial Service

Sub-Register & A.P.O.

Farmer/Agricultural Awareness

GLegal Manager in M.N.C.'s / P.S.U.'s

Legal expert in corporate world.

Practicing Lawyers.
Legal education is the education gained by individuals to become legal professionals. It aims not only in the acquisition of professional skills but it is also value-oriented.


THE  LUCKNOW LAW COLLEGE established primarily to impart quality law education to average middle and lower middle class society student.

The organization aims to promote the overall development of children, youth and women in rural and urban areas in India.


  • Affiliated from University Of Lucknow.

  • Special lectures by -

    • • senior professors from Lucknow University and other universities

    • • Hon'ble judges of Supreme Court,High Court and District Court

    • • Senior Advocates and members of Bar Council

  • Court visit for practical knowledge under the supervision of pannel of advocates

  • Well furnished moot court and well equipped libraries with standard text book , AIR , SCC , JILI provided latest manual journals and periodicals in the college

  • Teaching through modern techniques

  • Leagal aids and councelling services are available

  • Hostel faculty available near the college premisis


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