"The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence. Leave nothing for to-morrow which can be done to-day."


Welcome to Law College in Lucknow

THE Law College in Lucknow established primarily to impart quality law education to average middle and lower middle class society student.

The organization aims to promote the overall development of children, youth and women in rural and urban areas in India.


LLB Five Year (Honors)

  • Qualification Intermediate pass out General OBC 45% SC, SCST 40% Marks
  • Age General, OBC 20 Years, SC/ST 22 Years
  • Admission Availability Seat 120, CS 220 in per college.

LL.B Three Year

  • Age General, OBC 30 Years, SCST 35 Years
  • LL.B. (Three year degree course):
  • The three year law course leading to the LL.B degree is a six-semester full time course. On successful completion of all the six semesters the LL.B degree is awarded. Semesters and examinations are conducted by Lucknow University, Faizabad. The academic performance of a candidate is evaluated by the examination conducted at the end of each semester and also by his/her performance, in the practical training subjects as per the guide lines issued by the bar council of India from time to time.

Affiliation of Colleges

Law College in Lucknow is associated with Lucknow University,Lucknow.


Judicial Service
Sub-Register & A.P.O.
Farmer/Agricultural Awareness
Legal Manager in M.N.C.'s / P.S.U.'s
Legal expert in corporate world
Practicing Lawyers.